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indulging yet another food whim {ward 6}

Ward 6 was my short list of places to go after recovering from surgery.  I not only dreamed of things such as sitting and wearing jeans again, but visions of Adult Milkshakes and Food for Drinking helped push me through some of the most vicious days.  Someday, I thought.

© Tina Vega Photography

Well that someday was Friday.  MY BIRTHDAY!  And the Rum Raisin Milkshake and Poutine lived every bit up to the fantasy.


Not to mention the Fatty Melt and Reuben.  [We shared.]

© Tina Vega Photography

Ward 6 has a spendid cocktail list.  And menu.  Plus I hear their breakfast is TO.DIE.FOR. as well.  So we need to go back.

© Tina Vega Photography


Cyndi - March 3, 2015 - 12:05 pm

Happy belated birthday, Tina! I love Ward 6!

Tina - March 3, 2015 - 3:39 pm

Thanks, Cyndi!! :D

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the everyday photographer workshop for three

© Tina Vega Photography

I met the three lovely ladies (pictured above) at the workshop I hosted last weekend.  They were all related (cousin, mom & daughter) which was so much fun.

© Tina Vega Photography

They shared bits and pieces of their own stories which inspired me.  There was a lot of talk about family, making time for the things that really matter, serving others, and living at a slow enough pace to see the beauty surrounding us.

© Tina Vega Photography

My kind of group. :)  Not only did the ladies learn how to photograph in full-on manual mode.

© Tina Vega Photography

They also had the privilege of eating the food props, which included Peanut Butter Cup mini cakes from my one and only Desserts in Jars cookbook.

© Tina Vega Photography© Tina Vega Photography

While I couldn’t find the exact recipe online, click HERE for one that comes pretty darn close.  (I topped ours with dark chocolate chips instead of broken Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.)

© Tina Vega Photography

A memorable day all around; thank you SO MUCH for being part of it Kristen, Sarah & Pam!

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our birthday bingo tradition

This being our second year in a row, I am officially calling it a tradition.  My mom, sister, and I met for breakfast to celebrate Stacey and my birthday season.

© Tina Vega Photography

That overlap of time when we share the same age for a month and a half.

© Tina Vega Photography

Breathe.  Because we are barely into the new year and time is passing far too quickly.

© Tina Vega Photography

Breathe.  Because I’m creeping ever closer to the age my parents were when they became GRANDPARENTS.

© Tina Vega Photography

My official birthday is today and my immediate family will be helping me indulge in yet another food whim as we celebrate tonight.  (Details to follow soon!)

Kathie - February 28, 2015 - 3:46 pm

Happy birthday, Tina!

Tina - February 28, 2015 - 7:25 pm

Thank you, Kathie!!

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5 fun things friday

5 Fun Things Friday

1.  Christine Ferber Jam.  Apparently THE THING to track down in Paris.


Difficult (but not impossible) to find online.  Click HERE for details.

2.  Mason Jar Salads and More: 50 Layered Lunches to Grab and Go by Julia Mirabella.

mason jar salads

I am so intrigued by this one!  Click HERE to find it on Amazon.

3.  I feel the same about Pancakes, Crepes, Waffles and French Toast:  Irresistable Recipes from the Griddle by Hanah Miles.

pancakes, crepes, et al.

Click HERE to find it on Amazon as well.

4.  And how about this Red Crepe Pan from World Market?

red crepe pan

Click HERE to find it in Lagoon Blue!

5.  Oh my goodness, I am in love with this Ceramic Camper Cookie Jar from World Market!

camper cookie jar

Happy Friday!!!

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