date your mate

Tony and I have made it a priority these last couple of years to date. Between tending to the kids’ needs, working, and keeping up on household tasks our marriage was low on the priority list.

We were married after all.

Tony and I busily pursued our own interests as well. And all was good… for two roommates perhaps. You see, we realized that after years of neglecting us – very little of us remained. [I believe many at this point simply chalk things up to “growing apart” and decide to leave the marriage in continued pursuit of separate goals.]

We had a wake-up call of sorts and worked for more than a year to rebuild what was lost. In all honesty, it was the best thing that ever happened to our marriage.


Because we now truly know how to communicate, working together instead of against each other. We now understand what it means to make marriage (and each other) a top priority. And through the thick of it, we rediscovered all of the wonderful things that brought us together in the first place.

And so we date.


And run errands without the kids.

gas stationin cart

And sneak off for lunch (or breakfast or dinner or a treat) now and again.

the two of us

And have made having fun with each other more important than having fun with anyone else. So… if you are married but feeling very alone this Valentine’s Day.

date6 cycle

Don’t give up hope! The best part of your story may be yet to come.

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