the problem with having a teen


The problem with having a teen is that I can no longer post whatever I want on the blog. Because he visits the blog and threatens to run away if I do.

So not like the good ol’ days when I could share whatever I wanted. Like the time he got caught decorating the bathroom floor with stickers, then ran into his room to hide.

caught in the acthiding in shame

Or the time he used a permanent marker to draw moustaches on his little brother, daycare friend, and himself.


Or the fact that he had a lovie named “Puppy Tag” that was never far from reach.

puppy tag

He would allow for no such storytelling now. Instead I need to stick with things that won’t tarnish his reputation. Nothing too cutesy, of course. Something like this would never fly today.


Granted, he no longer plays with Play-Doh and this type of thing doesn’t really happen nowadays. I’m just saying that if he did, I wouldn’t be able to blog about it.


Not only I’m I getting old, my kid is too!

tons of actionclose shot!

Playing basketball instead of Play-Doh, carrying around a retainer case instead of Puppy Tag.

so grown up

Before you know it, he’ll even be able to grow a real moustache.

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