dodging raindrops | stillwater, minnesota family session

This session had been on the calendar for months and when the day finally arrived, the family woke to no electricity!


Seriously, of all days?!! But they just rolled with it, despite the less-than-pleasing conditions.


Gracefully dodging raindrops here and there.


Managing to make the most of it.  And best of all, having fun.  🙂


As the oldest heads off to college this fall, the family faces a new season of sorts. A time of transition I imagine to be quite bittersweet. [I’m already fretting about such changes in my own family when it is still years away!]  I wanted to capture them as they are right now.  To give them a visual reminder of their time under one roof.  Pre-transition.


It was so much fun working with older siblings, watching the play between sisters.  Catching glimpses of each unique personality.


It was a joy following them around for the morning.


Pure joy.  Thank you again for allowing me to be part of your day!!!

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