it was a spooktacular evening

It was Emilio’s first Halloween home with me and I didn’t even take ONE PICTURE of him helping!


Major Mom fail.


We passed out 133 candy bars this year (Nerds Ropes were the first to go) and went through three gallons of apple cider and an entire pot of coffee.


I’m sure my teen helper drank half the pot himself.


Our neighbors, the family I’d mentioned in a previous post HERE

halloween collage 1

Well, the parents were dressed as sarcophaguses and the boys were mummies!  It was THE CUTEST THING EVER listening to the little guys moaning on cue.  Their coordinated costumes are truly the highlight of each year.  🙂


Here are the rest of the pics from our Halloween celebration this year (those I did remember to take!):

halloween collage 2tinavegaphotography102halloween collage 3halloween collage 4tinavegaphotography108halloween collage 5halloween collage 6tinavegaphotography116

I’ll be back later to share a couple of delicious treat recipes from the evening!

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