the color of your heart

I saw a lot of darkness around the time of the election.  Cruelty.  Derisively cutting words.  Derogatory comments, insults, and jokes.  Slander.  People ON BOTH SIDES getting swept up into the thick of it, thinking their righteous cause justified the behavior.

And this wasn’t limited to what was on television and radio.  The general population on Facebook, Twitter, and blogs all played a part.

It had me thinking about my own behavior.  My own words.


The color of my heart.

Some questions to consider:

How do you talk about or treat others whose views differ from your own?
Do your words line up with your actions or are you one to say one thing and do another?
Do you speak about love yet show hate in gossip, backbiting, or hostility?
Do you reach out to bring comfort and care to strangers?  How about your enemies?
If you are verbally out there championing a cause, does the way you live reflect it?
Do you treat others in a condescending manner or do you thoughtfully consider your actions?
How do you behave when no one is watching?

When I look back at my own life, the people who made the biggest impact had colorful hearts.  They radiated kindness and were genuine souls who thankfully did not  judge a book by its cover.  There was a peace about them that drew me near and made me want whatever it was they had.

I want to be that kind of person, one who shows respect to everyone – never EVER letting my views and opinions get in the way of getting to know another person and their unique story.  Truth is, we ALL have something to offer and if I don’t take the time to listen to someone else’s story… how can I ever expect them to listen to mine?

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