what exactly is “auto mode” on my camera?

One of the main goals of the Everyday Photographer Workshop is to get you out of auto mode.  Why?  Because the more control you give your camera, the less control you will have over the outcome of an image.

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So if you aspire to consistently create beautiful images, you will need to get to know your camera.  First off, what exactly is “auto mode”?  Most cameras nowadays have so many options, the simple act of turning it on can be a challenge!  I thought it might help to break things down a bit by giving you examples of auto mode.  All of the following “modes” are fully automatic (meaning your camera is the one in control):

Action or Sports
Night Portrait

When using any of the above options, your camera is simply using default settings given by the manufacturer.  This gives the camera complete control of the outcome of the image.  If you have ever found yourself frustrated by your camera’s capabilities, it was likely related to one of these automatic options.  [That being said, there are a couple of things that I do still allow my camera to control.  For example, my white balance is set to automatic because I find it easiest to deal with during the post-processing stage.]

At the Everyday Photographer Workshop, I adjust everyone’s camera settings to closely resemble my own and outline the basics of lighting and composition.  We also explore ISO and aperture, post-processing, and more to empower and equip YOU to be the photographer – not your camera. 

By teaching YOU how to create a beautiful image, you can then create beautiful images on purpose!

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