gearing up for our annual halloween-is-a-great-excuse-to-meet-the-neighbors night


I love everything about fall – the colors, stores overflowing with pumpkin-flavored treats, autumn home décor, crisp days, the golden light – everything but for one exception: it goes way too fast!


In an effort to truly soak it all in, I find it important to schedule time to decorate. And bake. And special order Halloween candy.


Because it’s just not Halloween without Take 5 bars.  Or Nerds Ropes.  It’s also time to start amassing large quantities of apple cider and pumpkin-spice creamer for our annual Halloween-is-a-great-excuse-to-meet-the-neighbors night (click HERE for details).  We began this tradition after moving into our home 9+ years ago and it has been a wonderful thing getting to know the neighborhood peeps.  Not only do we have special treats for the kids, but grown-ups are offered hot coffee/cider/baked goods because they are out there freezing their tushies off as well!  (And it brings them up into the garage for a quick hello instead of waiting for their kids at the bottom of our driveway.)

Tony and I try to show our boys what it means to be other-focused/other-minded.  We want them to grow up not only thinking about themselves and what they can get out of life, but what they can GIVE.  Halloween is just a teeny tiny part of that lesson.

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