outward struggles do not define us

© Tina Vega Photography

I am no stranger to mental illness having struggled with an eating disorder for nearly a decade.  [You will find a bit of my story HERE.]  My life was a mess.  I was a mess.  And because of my experience, I know that outward struggles do not define us.  I believe in transformation and redemption.  And most importantly forgiveness.

I have not “written my sister off” nor do I harbor ill-will towards her; I simply cannot be a part of her life as long as she continues to make choices that put her and others in harm’s way.  I have made it clear that I am open to a relationship if she takes responsibility for her choices, seeks help, and turns away from the path she is on.

When I posted THIS two years ago, I did so purposely on her birthday because I believe in transformation and redemption.

And most importantly forgiveness.

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