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“A Godstop is any means by which God seems to go out of His way during your day to make Himself known to you.  When I see a brilliant sunset I know no artist could paint, I recognize God through His masterpiece.  Likewise, when something happens in my day that I know is more than coincidence, I am learning to recognize God in it.  We don’t want to miss God when He makes Himself observable!  I am convinced the more we learn to recognize and appreciate His interventions and revelations, the more we are likely to receive them.

– Beth Moore, excerpt from Believing God [emphasis mine]

I have an entire scrapbook devoted to recording these God Moments in my own life.  And it’s a powerful thing seeing page after page of God’s handiwork.  Moments so clearly and carefully orchestrated, it would be ridiculous trying to chalk it all up to “coincidence”; moments like this one:

emilio at 8 years old

Thanksgiving 2005 had come and gone; it was time to prepare for my December Weekend Scrapbooking Retreat.  My husband had been working a lot of late nights and I was feeling crunched for time.  Despite the pressure, I felt God nudging me to put off packing until the kids were in bed.  It was bath night and (as usual) Lorenzo went first.  I helped with hair and pajamas before sending him downstairs to play.  Then I readied the bath for Emilio.  [At 8 years old, he needed me to adjust the water temperature then would take care of the rest on his own.]  While he was in the tub, I thought I would fiddle at our computer which sat near the bathroom.  I decided to work through a Spiritual Gifts Assessment similar to THIS ONE.  With each statement, you were given the following response options:  (a) often, (b) sometimes, (c) unsure, (d) seldom, or (e) never.  I was mulling over “I have experienced miracles in my life or with someone I have prayed with” when I heard a noise coming from the bathroom.  I thought Emilio might have slipped and went in to offer assistance.  I was shocked to find him standing, eyes full of panic.   He was spinning back and forth, hitting the shower wall; I could tell immediately he was not breathing.  Feeling helpless, I cried “JESUS HELP ME!” and reached for my son.  As I pulled him into my arms, a small blue ball flew out of his mouth and rolled away from us – the plea had barely escaped my lips!  I had no clue my son was even choking!!!  It was clear to both of us God was in the room.  As we sat in a wet heap on the bathroom floor, I thanked God over and over for saving my son’s life.  Because had He not placed me at the computer, I would have never heard what was happening in the bathroom; had I been packing, doing laundry, or any other of my usual tasks Emilio could have easily died.


And that is a miracle in my book.  And something I never, ever want to forget.

Tanya G - December 13, 2013 - 5:35 am

Tina, that’s incredible! Thank you for sharing! I bought a journal for Miah for one of her Christmas gifts, & I love your idea of scrapbooking your Godstops you see every day. I’ve written Beth Moore’s quote (the exerpt from Believing God) on the inside cover, & will let her know this is her book to journal all her Godstops! I also bought myself a journal, & will use mine for the same. Also, she and I have been looking for a good Bible study to do together, but have had a hard time with our schedules….I checked out the link you included, & I think we may do that one together!! Did you do the entire Bible study? What did you think?
Anyway, just wanted to let you know! Hope you’re enjoying this Christmas season!! Hope to see you soon! 🙂


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