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me & my momma

When thinking about my own life, this question often comes to mind:

When you are gone, how will you be remembered?

It keeps me moving forward through each day, each month, each year – with intention.  I was reflecting on it this Mother’s Day morning as well, but with a twist:

How would I feel about this day if my momma were gone?  What would I remember?

It got me thinking about my momma and the huge impact she has made on my life over the years.  One memory in particular comes to mind.  I was 20- or 21-years old at the time, living in a house in Northeast Minneapolis that had holes in the walls and a bat in the basement.  I had been suspended from the University of Minnesota and was living with my boyfriend.  Losing weight.  My mom worried and for years that worry created a lot of friction between us.  [I stubbornly refused to listen to any piece of wisdom she dished out, insisting it was MY life to be lived out MY way.]  My eating disorder was running the show and my momma knew it.  Instead of fighting me any longer, she started going to church.  Instead of fighting me, she started praying for me and would tell me that at the end of each telephone conversation.

It changed our entire relationship.  In fact, IT CHANGED ME.

A short time later, I took responsibility for the mess I had created and sought help for my eating disorder.  Without a doubt, a move I would not have made if not for my momma’s prayers.  And as a momma now myself, I do the same for my boys.

praying for boys book

I pray for big things and little things.  I pray for their friends and their teachers.  I pray for their future wives.  Most of all, I pray that they will turn to God for wisdom, direction, courage, and strength in all that they do.

Reflecting back over the years, what memories come to mind when thinking about your own momma?  If you’d be willing to share, I would love to hear your stories!  Simply add them as comments to this post.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Lynn Peterson - May 14, 2014 - 12:19 am

This mothers day was the first without my mom. Just typing those words brings me to tears. My beautiful mother died this past July 5th – five weeks after finding out she had stage 4 ovarian cancer. I miss her so much it is unbearable at times. She was kind and strong and faithful. She prayed for my sisters and I – like your mom does for you. She loved us fiercely. My mom taught me how to pray…and to cook…and to dance…and to sew… Mostly she taught me what love looks like.

Tina - May 14, 2014 - 8:57 am

I had you and a couple of other friends on my mind on Sunday; I can only imagine how painful and raw it must feel. What you wrote about your mom is so incredibly beautiful, Lynn. She sounds like the kind of woman I would have loved to know. Thank you so much for sharing part of her story and yours. Bless you!

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