summing things up {may}

summing things up {may}

Short on time? To save you from having to browse through 20+ blog entries this month, here are a few highlights:

=> Looking for some cool breakfast joints in the Twin Cities?   Be sure to check out our Friday Breakfast Dates!  This month we went HERE and HERE and HERE.

=> I shared a bit about my life and the HUGE impact my mom has made on it.

=> Was hit by a bolt of inspiration and will be celebrating the very first (of what I hope to be many) of these gatherings in just a week!

=> Tony and I took a class and will be doing that again in June as well.

=> I made a plea for princesses & superheroes!

=> Said goodbye to some good things and will be sharing more about it soon.

=> Shared a cake recipe and a longtime family favorite as well!  [Both PERFECT for the hot summer months.]

=> Summer arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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