my 30ish-day challenge morning ritual {living a great story}


I was inspired by author Sally Clarkson to start my own morning ritual:

1.  I wake.  Go to George Winston radio on iTunes.  Grab some headphones, a cup of coffee, and my journal.


2.  Position myself in front of a window.  Listen to the music for a bit and enjoy the scenery outside.


3.  Soak it in.

4.  Read through the book of Psalms (I began with the first book and have been working my way through chronologically).  Read through at least two psalms each day and write down the attributes of God I see reflected in the verses.


5.  Write down words that speak to me, those that leap off the page.

6.  Talk to God about what I am most thankful for in the moment.  Then reflect on the previous day, asking and answering the following two questions:  What did I enjoy most about the day?  What meaningful connections did I have with people?

This morning ritual has brought me such peace at a time I would normally feel huge amounts of stress and pressure because of deadlines.


Even after lightning struck our house last week.


FOR REAL.  You won’t even believe what was in the following morning’s reading.  WILL NOT BELIEVE IT, I tell you:

The voice of the Lord strikes with flashes of lightning.  Psalm 29:7

He sure knows how to grab my attention.  😀

Reflecting each day on favorite moments and meaningful connections is helping me to remain intentional.  I am reminded to savor the HERE AND NOW and believe this will truly help me embrace and enjoy the summer.  How about you?  What sort of summer routines or rituals do you have in place?  What helps you savor the here and now?

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