managing holiday expectations

these days are numbered...

Our oldest works in retail and has been coming home with all sorts of holiday madness stories.  Frantic, frustrated shoppers oozing with something other than joy.

mi familia

Some of us put a lot of energy into making Christmas The.Best.Day.Ever. only to implode/explode with the pressure.  [Jen Hatmaker addressed something similar in her post HERE.]  Sitting by the light of our tree (and my iPhone screen) this morning, I came across this lovely bit of words by author Jon Bloom:

Advent season is the celebration of the unexpected Jesus coming at an unexpected time in an unexpected place to pay the unexpected, unfathomable price to give us unexpected sinners the undeserved gift of complete forgiveness of sin and the unimaginable gift of eternal life.  Christmas is not about fulfilling our holiday expectations.  It’s about celebrating Jesus’ overwhelming accomplishment for us and following in His humble servant footsteps.

Let’s take these words to heart and adjust our expectations for the day(s) ahead.

stars in the sky

Merry Christmas!

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