one little word {2016}

© Tina Vega Photography

Looking back on my word for 2015, I wonder if I learned anything at all.  My workload was the heaviest it has ever been and I lost most of my summer to it.

Did I lighten ANYTHING in 2015?  I certainly stuck to my 10 lb. lift restriction.  It has changed the way I cook, shop, and run my sessions.  I now have the lightest camera bag on the market and limit myself to bringing only one camera body and lens per session.  I said goodbye to photographing weddings in 2015 after working through the last three under contract.  I cut way back on household chores and gave our teen boys responsibility for their own laundry.  (If they are in dire need, I will toss a few of their things in with mine – but it has been a rare occurrence.)  I haven’t pushed myself like I used to prior to surgery.  I am now willing to let some things go.

I guess the most important thing for me to keep in mind is that I likely made more changes this year than I would have without my One Little Word.  And that counts for something in my book.  [If you’d like to learn more about this practice, click HERE for details.]

My OLW for next year came to me a few months ago.  Our baby started high school and our oldest, his last year.  With college looming, our family dynamic will be shifting in 2016.  I want to make the most of each moment while it is still in front of me.  No regrets.

© Tina Vega Photography

When I lost last summer to work, I also stopped making time for cooking and baking, walking, scrapbooking, photographing for fun, reading, and date nights.  I found myself mainly living in survival mode which dulls the senses.  Now, after several weeks off of that roller coaster, I finally feel like my old self.  I chose SAVOR as my word for 2016 as a reminder to stop rushing time.  I want to hold onto the moment, embrace stillness, enjoy the little things that bring flavor to my life.

[sey-ver] /?se? v?r/


  1. the quality in a substance that affects the sense of taste or of smell.
  2. a particular taste or smell.
  3. distinctive quality or property.
  4. power to excite or interest.
  5. Archaic. repute.

verb (used without object)

  1. to have savor, taste, or odor.
  2. to exhibit the peculiar characteristics; smack (often followed by of).

verb (used with object)

  1. to give a savor to; season; flavor.
  2. to perceive by taste or smell, especially with relish.
  3. to give oneself to the enjoyment of:  to savor the best in life.

How about you? How did things go for your OLW in 2015? What have you chosen to embrace in the year ahead?

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