we were meant for so much more than survival

I have been there and know you have been, too.  THAT place, the one where chaos dominates the space around and inside of you.  Your calendar is busting at the seams and the world is pulling you in a current from which you feel there is no escape.  You do your best to survive the day – it seems easiest just to go with the flow.  Before you know it, months have passed.  Perhaps years.

We were meant for so much more!  We are a unique character in a unique story filled with exciting twists and turns.  Chosen for this place and time.  Created to make a difference.  The stories we have been given have the power to impact lives.  We were made for authentic, meaningful connection not the surface scratching offered by social media.  To learn from each other, share triumphs and struggles, to inspire and encourage, to hold each other accountable, to smooth out our rough edges, and to keep our heart’s soft towards humanity by helping us appreciate and accept our differences.

intentional gatherings

That’s what Intentional Gatherings are about because together we can step out of the current.  We can take charge of our lives by making choices that bring contentment instead of chaos.  We can choose to embrace our unique stories and allow them to unfold.  We can learn more about ourselves and each other through these monthly gatherings.  A new topic will be covered each month that includes a take-home lesson and related DIY project instructions.  There will be a made-from-scratch meal, questions to jumpstart our conversation, and recipes.

Lots of recipes.

If you are interested in reserving a future Intentional Gatherings spot, click HERE for details!

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