what if

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What if we all threw caution to the wind and made the choice to love others in a radical way? Giving money to the homeless guy on the corner or reaching out to every cause/charitable organization that twists us inside out.

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What if we quit worrying so much about how it would look to reach across the divide and instead worked to understand our differences? What if we tried putting ourselves in another person’s shoes every single day? What do you think would happen if we chose to do that with people we have demonized or marginalized?

holy trinity lutheran church, new prague // © Tina Vega Photography

What if instead of making self-fulfillment our aim, we pursued the hearts of people? All people.

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What if we stopped making excuses, stopped assigning blame? What if we simply just started loving the people around us to the best of our gifts and abilities?

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Jesus was a radical lover of people. Scandalously so even! Because of his heart for people he broke religious law and tradition by healing on the Sabbath. He also had a conversation with a Samaritan (a race utterly despised by Jews as having no claim on their God) – a woman who was ostracized because she was unmarried and living with a man. He touched a leper (Hebrew law stated this was wrong). Jesus also allowed an immoral woman to not only kiss his feet but wash them with tears and cover them in perfume. He dined with the religious and non-religious alike, putting people above the law. In fact, he criticized the religious leaders of the day for doing the exact opposite! They might have been spot on in outward appearances, but Jesus accused them of ignoring the more important aspects of the law:  justice, mercy, and faith.

© Tina Vega Photography

Christ’s way is people-oriented rather than task-oriented. It focuses on relationships, not works of law.  His way cannot be imposed according to an externalized written code because it is written in the heart of the Christian. When a person truly believes that Christ died for their sinful, broken self and allows Him to reign over every aspect of their life – changes takes place from the inside out through the work of His spirit. Outward changes come AFTER, as believers turn to God’s written word seeking to know Christ more.

What if as followers of Christ, we quit worrying so much about the law and put people first? What if we believed God to be who He says He is and trust Him for all of the rest?

I imagine a whole lot more loving would be going on and a whole lot more people might come to know Him.

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