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Thanks again to all who have agreed to help celebrate my HALF-CENTURY milestone by performing a random act of kindness (RAK) in February! It makes me very happy knowing so many good things will be taking place. [If you missed the original post, click HERE to learn more.]

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I thought I would help get the ball rolling with a list of ideas. Please know that your kind act is not limited to this list, the month of February, or only one gesture. The only thing I ask is that you share it with me by posting a comment here or on FB, through Messenger, or by email/text!

1. Bless someone you do business with on regular basis. This is a great way to show appreciation to the people who regularly serve YOU! It could be:

=> your favorite cashier at the grocery store – after paying, let them know how they make your chore a little less painful and present them with a small gift (for example, one that talks about dogs all of the time would likely appreciate a PetSmart gift card or gourmet dog treats).

=> your local post office – if you frequent it as much as I do, faces become familiar on both sides of the counter; treat the staff to something special like a box of Mojo Monkey Donuts.

=> your favorite gas station or convenience store employee – whether you are a regular at Kwik Trip, Holiday, or the little mom-and-pop spot down the road, surprise them one day with a treat from Abdullah Candies.

=> your home delivery people – if you place a lot of orders online, consider leaving a basket of weather-friendly treats (granola bars, small bags of chips/cookies, bottles of juice/water, candy bars)  next to your front door with a thank-you-please-take-a-treat note.

=> your trash collector, mailman, newspaper delivery person – leave something that allows them to put their feet up such as a gift card to your favorite pizza place.

2. Brush snow off other cars in the parking lot.

3. Send a card to your pastor – let them know about the positive impact they have had on your life or how touched you were by a message they shared.

4. Remember those who are grieving by sending them handwritten notes – this is especially important around birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays.

5. Anonymously bless someone you do not know by paying for their meal at a restaurant – zero in on a table that tugs at you (an elderly couple, parents with young children, a group of teenagers, or someone dining alone).

6. If you regularly spot homeless people on your route to work, go prepared! Assemble care packages which include socks, mittens, protein bars, beef jerky, water, hand warmers, and gift cards to use at restaurants in the area. Make eye contact with each person you meet.

7. When making dinner or baking, double the batch and share with a neighbor.

8. If someone you barely know is struggling (illness, divorce, loss) reach out with a gesture of kindness – send flowers, cookies, or a handwritten note to let them they are not alone.

9. If you have recently read a book that inspired you to no end, share it! Gift your favorite book to anyone that comes to mind.

10. Pray for someone every single day this month. Send them a note (along with a cookie card) to let them know what you did.

11. If you are receiving treatment for a long-term illness, bless your care team with boxes of mini donuts from Sleepy V’s (formerly Rebel Donut Bar).

12. Before unloading your cart at checkout, take a look around. If you spot a person waiting with an armful (be it children or merchandise) let them go on ahead.

13. If you have children involved in dance or sports, bless their instructors or coaches with a gift card to Crisp & Green, Berry Blendz, or Truce.

14. Donate to your local food shelf.

15. Is there a teacher in your child’s life who appears to be especially gifted at what they do? Let them know how much they are appreciated and tell them what you see.

16. If someone around you is especially crabby, find a way to tangibly show kindness in return: let the road raging driver off the hook, put a bouquet of flowers in your child’s room, give your unfriendly neighbor the biggest candy bar you can find, or surprise your spouse with dinner out.

17. Be aware of the people around you, in person or online, and look for opportunities to show kindness through words, thoughts, and action. Kindness is about seeing what needs to be done and doing it!

I can’t wait to hear about all of your experiences!

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