jesus loves me SO MUCH

Before I get started, a little backstory to the porch step “tree” backstory (below). Whenever I’m feeling especially competitive and reminding my husband, “I’m the winner. WINNER. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.” He will tell me I am making Jesus cry. Admittedly, it does nothing to change my behavior because I know Jesus loves me and that my husband really loves being married to a WINNER.

Hahahahahahahaha! All kidding aside, I really do know it’s not nice to gloat even if I win the race upstairs. Or finish brushing my teeth first. Or am the first to set an alarm clock. And I really do know that Jesus loves me even when I do things that make him cry.

Anyway, while running last-minute retreat errands the week of Thanksgiving I spotted the most beautiful potted tree (it’s not really a tree, but what I’ve been calling it these last several weeks). With my lift restriction I thought it would be easier to return with my husband than to try and wrangle help at the store. Between hosting Thanksgiving and the crafting retreat that followed, weeks passed before we were able to return to the store.

And when we did, my tree was gone. 🙁

As silly as it sounds, it made me sad – I’d been envisioning that tree on my step for weeks. Then today, something happened…

my little tree

I heard a door slam, looked out my window, and saw a dear friend CARRYING MY TREE!!!!!!!!!!!! It was meant to be a surprise. She knew nothing about the little tree I’d been hoping for (or the disappointment that followed) yet here she was at my doorstep with a tree even prettier than the one I had been describing to my husband!

© Tina Vega Photography

I could not help but text him, “Jesus loves me SO MUCH.”

© Tina Vega Photography

As I have said many times before, there is no such thing as coincidence – this was a God Moment. Thank you, thank you Secret Admirers for the very special gift.

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