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she turned two | minnesota milestone mini session

Nothing quite sums up two years old like the perfect belly button shot.

belly button

You might remember Miss J from our session last year. It was so much fun to see how much she’s grown AND all of the things that go with it.   For instance, she’s now into tutus and purses and chocolate.

birthday girl

And she still has that gorgeous head of curls!


And a shy [yet spunky] little personality to go with them.

silly girl 2

I had lots of fun with the new backdrops as well.


Especially, the chalkboard wall idea.

chalkboard backdrop

Which turned out exactly how I’d pictured it in my head! (Love it when that happens.)

Happy Birthday, Miss J!!!

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remember, there’s no faithbooking crop this month…

I meant to get this message out earlier today but every second was devoted to this:


It seems Grandma was one popular lady. My mom and I spent the day with my grandpa yesterday, he’d already opened and read all of the cards. (He said it nearly knocked him out and I believe it!) I volunteered to help with the thank you notes, thus the piles pictured above.

I just wanted to hop on and let you know that 5 Fun Things Friday will return later this week. (No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t pull it off on the heels of Grandma’s funeral.) I also wanted to remind everyone again of our brief Faithbooking Crop hiatus.

By the way, I am reading THE BEST BOOK that so relates to how I’m feeling right about life in general.  (I’d given away a copy loooooong ago before even reading it myself.)

the book

Here’s an excerpt of the foreward, written by Rick Warren:

Nothing focuses a person’s priorities in life like learning he is about to die. Many of us would suddenly realize we have spent our lives on things that were not very important. So many of us waste our lives with “when and then” thinking, believing that “when” this or that happens, “then” we will really start living and do something for God that really matters.

That approach is guaranteed to leave you with regrets.

The book (One Month to Live by Kerry and Chris Shook) can be found by clicking HERE.  While we don’t have a ton of say in the when (i.e. birthdate, timing, span), we are given much freedom in the howHow are you…

  • loving?
  • living?
  • creating a legacy?
  • blessing others?
  • spending this precious commodity [time]?

Big things worth pondering today.

Jodie McLagan - March 6, 2012 - 11:33 am

Hi Tina,
Thank you for sharing about that book. I took a look and will pick up a copy – great concept. Since losing Grant’s best friend in November, my uncle last month, and now a co-worker last week – it just gets you thinking about life and how you want to make the most of it and make sure the people you know really know how important they are in your life.
Those are beautiful thank you cards. Writing thank you’s are one of those ways to connect and also can have a healing effect as you share memories.

Blessings on your day ~ Jodie

Tina - March 6, 2012 - 11:43 am

I’m sorry to hear about your recent losses, Jodie. My heart goes out to you and Grant during this difficult season. 🙁

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the problem with having a teen


The problem with having a teen is that I can no longer post whatever I want on the blog. Because he visits the blog and threatens to run away if I do.

So not like the good ol’ days when I could share whatever I wanted. Like the time he got caught decorating the bathroom floor with stickers, then ran into his room to hide.

caught in the acthiding in shame

Or the time he used a permanent marker to draw moustaches on his little brother, daycare friend, and himself.


Or the fact that he had a lovie named “Puppy Tag” that was never far from reach.

puppy tag

He would allow for no such storytelling now. Instead I need to stick with things that won’t tarnish his reputation. Nothing too cutesy, of course. Something like this would never fly today.


Granted, he no longer plays with Play-Doh and this type of thing doesn’t really happen nowadays. I’m just saying that if he did, I wouldn’t be able to blog about it.


Not only I’m I getting old, my kid is too!

tons of actionclose shot!

Playing basketball instead of Play-Doh, carrying around a retainer case instead of Puppy Tag.

so grown up

Before you know it, he’ll even be able to grow a real moustache.

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a woman obsessed

I’ve spent the last two days OBSESSED. What began as an attempt to organize my kids’ memorabilia turned into this:

pilebag binge

I was supposed to be working on tax business, not generating a hefty donation pile. Not to mention the garbage. But there’s something cathartic about this sort of purge and I guess I lost myself in the process.

What prompted it was talk of sorting through Grandma’s memorabilia; a sentimental like me, she kept everything. Years ago I’d given her a journal full of questions, telling her I expected it to be full by the time she passed away.  (She was indeed writing in it and even showed me once during a visit.)  But alas, now the time has come and the location of said journal is a mystery.  Something about it made me feel like I had to get my stuff organized right now, so that my own family could easily locate important stuff when the time comes.

Like drawings & cards & special outfits & handwritten notes & lovies & birthday candles & favorite books.

My goal has always been to give each boy their own memorabilia box. Bits and pieces of things special to them (and me!) over the years. Part of their story. For example, here’s a picture of my youngest right before we brought him home from the hospital.

ren baby pic

And here’s the little outfit he wore.

going home outfit

My husband also picked up a newspaper for each child on the day they were born. Which is stashed in the box along with everything else.


All tucked neatly into these slick – but no longer available – Creative Memories boxes (though I did recently spy one on Etsy).


I plan to keep a box for myself as well – though mine is in need of a thorough sifting.

messy memorabilia

Like it or not, we just can’t keep everything. Well… we could, but eventually someone will need to sort through it. And I guess for my family, I’d like that “someone” to be me.

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