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our deck build :: week 2

Things are moving along quickly!

week 2 deck build

The entire deck was framed during Week 2.  And truth be told…

week 2 deck buildweek 2 deck build

It had me freaking out a bit.  My husband Tony had wanted a BIG deck.

week 2 deck build

And it is big.  Very big.  But… I’ve since come to terms with what is sure to be an “expansive” deck.  I’ve already warned my husband this means we will need to host many gatherings – and as introverts, this is not our typical MO.  So I’m stating it publically to help hold us accountable.:)

As usual, New Creations is doing an excellent job – wait until you see what’s been going on this week!  I’ll be sure to have my next update posted in a more timely fashion (you’ll find my previous deck posts HERE and HERE).  Until next time…

Crystal Satnik - April 19, 2012 - 3:58 pm

Wow! It does look big. How exciting. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out. Really – you guys are introverts? I thought you open up your garage to the neighborhood every Halloween?

Tina - April 19, 2012 - 9:09 pm

TOTAL introverts! (If you’re into personality types, I’m an INFJ and Tony is an INFP.) I had to laugh at your Halloween comment… when “serving others” there is a higher purpose for me; I love helping people feel connected. So when passing out the cider & treats, I am focusing on what I can do to make others feel welcome instead of on my uncomfortable feelings.

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baby o & company | spring family session

I had the most fun with this recent session which took place at the 2012 Spring Weekend Scrapbooking Retreat.

full of smiles

While I’ve known her mommy for many years, it was my first time meeting Baby O in person.  And a little darling she was, not a bit intimidated by all of the ladies swooning over her.

momma love

Not at all nervous about my MacGyver-like backdrop.

tutu love

Or the places I had her sit (well, aside from the grass… but you can’t really blame her for that because it was an awfully soggy day).

we are familyfamily fun

There were so many beautiful shots of this sweet little family.

kissesmomma kisses

So many that took my breath away.

baby o silly facedaddy

Reminding me all over again why I *love* what I do. Thank you so much for allowing me to spend time with your precious family, Crystal!

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no [daddy] hugs allowed

no hugs allowedg man at CONFIDENCE 2012

Believe it or not, Day 2 of the Minneapolis CONFIDENCE Workshop was just as incredible as the first!  It included a family session in the afternoon and I had the privilege of photographing the familiar faces above. :)  [More than a year has passed since our last session together and the little G-Man isn’t so “little” anymore!]

All of the models from the weekend will have access to images from several workshop photographers… how fun is that?!  I’ve already warned my husband we’ll be hiring Me Ra for family pics next time she’s in town.  (Unfortunately, the free modeling gig applies only to families with young children and we no longer fit the bill.)

This workshop was exactly what I needed.  There is so much in the way of information & ideas & quotes & stories & resources swirling around my head right now, it will still be a bit before some of it starts leaking out in blog posts (I need time to process).  What I do know is that I have a clearer sense of what I’m looking for in my images AND the creative direction I’d like to take with my family sessions in particular.  There is an overlap between faithbooking and photography I want to explore further.  In faithbooking, I use my words to share stories – often looking at life’s difficulties to find meaning and beauty in unexpected places (i.e. seeking God’s fingerprint).  I have that same yearning for photography, wanting to step inside my clients’ lives by going into their homes or favorite places for sessions – using everyday life as the “backdrop” for our time together.  I have this desire to capture the beauty I see in their natural element, to give them a fresh perspective and appreciation for things most taken for granted.  To share their “story” in a sense – via imagery.

I’m not quite sure [yet] how this will factor fully into my business.  At this time, I offer a package called the Family Trio which essentially gives clients the opportunity to book three sessions at once for a discounted rate.  The sessions are spread out over twelve months with one to take place in the client’s home (or other meaningful location) at some point during the year.  I thought this might be a good place to begin.

Below are several snapshots from the weekend (most taken with my iPhone).  As you can see, I got my book signed!

Minneapolis CONFIDENCE 2012

I also met a FANTASTIC group of women (from Canada & Colorado & North Dakota & Wisconsin & Nebraska, along with several from the Twin Cities area). I look forward to continued connections and inspiration!

Crystal Satnik - April 17, 2012 - 4:56 pm

Wow! G-man has gotten SO big! What a cutie.

Glad you enjoyed your workshop. :)

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technical difficulties

I’ve not been silent for lack of anything to say about the weekend.


I have lots to share (including pictures!) but accidentally left half of my computer power cord at the hotel; I’m working off of battery power and haven’t a second to spare.:(  I’ve been anxiously awaiting a return phone call… several hours already.  Just wanted to let you know I’ll be back as soon as I have power – hopefully soon!!!

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