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flowers for my office

These beautiful, fragrant roses grow right outside our front door. I received two cuttings from my grandparents’ bushes YEARS AGO and they continue to flourish. In fact, some [Tony] might even consider them a bit out of hand. Grandma had also given me a newspaper article which tracked the history and origin of these 100+ year old roses. Some day I will dig for it.

But not today. Today I’m just going to enjoy the view.

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5 fun things friday

5 Fun Things Friday

1. I discovered these little pouches at the liquor store last weekend. Those who don’t keep alcohol or a blender on hand, can still enjoy a slushie drink by popping one of these little pouches in the freezer!


Add a book and a little sunshine for a tropical escape.

2. Nikon Coolpix Waterproof Digital Camera.

nikon waterproof coolpix

Perfect for the pool or beach!

3.  Speaking of pool, check out these adorable POOL PARTY invitations by Zazzle.

pool party

You can browse through the entire (fully customizable) line by clicking HERE.

4.  Love this simple idea for another adult beverage (really, more like a dessert).  Found it on Pinterest.

lime sorbet margaritas

Tried it last night with Raspberry Sorbet.  A hit.  The simple recipe is HERE.

5.  Have you seen the beverage dispensers out there this year?  Unbelievable variety.  Here are several of my faves:

red ceramicclear stackingclear standacrylic dispenser

Just click on each image for product details.

Happy Friday!!!

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she’s having a baby | minnesota maternity session

I recently had the pleasure of working with this sweet, sweet couple.


Jeri and Justin are expecting their first child.  A boy.

beautiful momma-to-be

I wanted to photograph the couple in their home “pre-baby”- snapshots of their life as it is now.

tinavegaphotography3maternity collage3

Capturing them in their element.

tinavegaphotography4golden light

What I found was a home full of tenderness and joy.


Anticipation and love.

maternity collage2tinavegaphotography5maternity collage4tinavegaphotography10

A few more of my faves…

tinavegaphotography11tinavegaphotography14maternity collagetinavegaphotography12

Thank you again for allowing me to capture such a precious moment in your lives! I can’t wait to photograph you in your “post-baby” element.:)

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adventures in kittysitting

adventures in kittysitting

My sister asked a neighbor friend and me to take turns watching her kitty while she vacationed in another country.  Popping in once, every other day for the duration of the trip?  No problem.

Or so I thought.  That was until my kitty nephew got really, really sick on my watch.  Moaning and repeatedly vomiting bile.  I called the clinic and was told to bring him in ASAP.  That was Wednesday.  Scrambling to get the cat into a kennel, trying to make arrangements for my son to be picked up from school, waiting for two hours at the clinic while they ran tests.

Unable to reach my sister.

Needless to say, this has been an extremely stressful week.  After a brief stay at the kitty hospital, he was sent home with a daily regimen that included two capsules, one GINORMOUS pill, and two vials of liquid painkillers.  EACH DAY.  Holy smokes.  My every other day visit turned into multiple visits per day.  And those visits were now battles.  Here’s a clip of what it was like anytime I approached him (turn your volume up to hear his groaning protest):

Thankfully, I was finally able to reach my sister and she decided to cut her trip short.  Just in time because now I am sick. :(  [When it rains, it pours.]  Hope to be back to regular posting soon!

Sharon Kilde Bloch - May 14, 2012 - 11:05 pm

You are a blessing to so many. I can understand Stacy cutting her vacation short because her kitty is like a child to her. Your Mom has talked about her kitty before. I did not realize how big. My my!

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that time of year


Been tied up with several things this week – last day of bible study, childcare duty, helping my sister with a kittytastrophe (which I will explain later), and getting ready for my son’s Confirmation.  A literal blur.  Which always seems to happen as we approach the end of the school year.

As a reminder, there is no faithbooking crop this month.  The crops will resume in June (6/9 to be exact) – just let me know if you’d like to reserve a spot!

Be back soon…

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