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I love how God chooses to reveal Himself to us.  Because only He could find a way to connect my bible study, recent photography workshop, and journal work together so perfectly.  Three unrelated activities that share the same clear message.

Have I mentioned how much I love it when that happens?

From all of the uncertainties facing our monthly faithbooking crops to changes taking place in my photography business, the start of 2012 has been one of transition.  [It actually feels more like I’ve been stuck mid-transit.]  I can clearly see what I have left behind but the destination ahead is terribly blurry.

between rains

Which is part of the reason I signed up for Me Ra Koh’s CONFIDENCE workshop, to help clear my creative vision and give focus to the nudge pushing me along inside. Her workshop took place on the heels of a significant week in bible study where Beth Moore was speaking about that very same “in-between” spot I’d been feeling stuck in. Beth reminded us of several important points, one being to accept the beauty of the process.

And that had my attention.

It’s sort of like being stuck in traffic.  Really, truly, honestly – how many of us even recognize there is beauty to be had in a place like that?  After all, we are at a standstill.  On a highway.  With a bunch of other vehicles that are also stuck.

But lo and behold… God may have purposed that standstill to help me work on being more patient.  Or to avoid an accident down the road.  Or to help me be still.  Unfortunately, I have been so focused on focusing in on “what’s next?” I have been missing a whole lot of beauty taking place right now.

So enter Me Ra’s workshop.  And being reminded of the unfolding of the creative process.  It involves mistakes, practice, courage, and time.  To give you just a taste of what I’m talking about, click HERE for one of her recent blog posts entitled, “Are We Okay Not Knowing?”  It’s easy to take for granted the process and forget that oftentimes this is when God’s most important work is taking place.  [I couldn’t help but look up synonyms for the word process, which include: action, advance, development, evolution, practice, progress, progression, routine, and unfolding.]

So both as a child of God and as an artist, I have opened myself up to the beauty of being “mid-transit.”

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