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What I love most about the Everyday Session is that it gives me the opportunity to get to know people in their element – to observe someone else’s life through my lens and tell their story.  And for a brief moment in time, our stories merge.

Which is SO.VERY.COOL.

This is Lindsey’s family and their life together right now.  [I emphasize “right now” because life is ALWAYS changing, moving, and growing.  We often don’t realize just how much until the moment is gone.]

tinavegaphotography1swings collage2tinavegaphotography2yellow flowers collagetinavegaphotography6tinavegaphotography11tinavegaphotography14

The baby was napping when I first arrived, so I took my time getting to know this little guy in the hope that he’d warm up to me.


This was my first shot of the day and I love it!  While he was a bit timid at first, that quickly changed and before long he was sharing all sorts of things with me.

favorites collagetinavegaphotography16

Even those that were most special.

baby room collage

Including his baby sister. 🙂  The session included a picnic at a park that is part of this family’s everyday life.  As Lindsey was getting things ready, she shared a recent experience with me – one that had given her new appreciation for life in the moment.  What she said really resonated with where I am at and made my time there even more meaningful.

tinavegaphotography18family kitchen collagetinavegaphotography22tinavegaphotography19tinavegaphotography24sunscreen collagetinavegaphotography27tinavegaphotography26

I tried to hang back just enough to keep everyone focused on each other.

yard collagetinavegaphotography30tinavegaphotography31

And I just watched them do their thing.  LOVE the hands here:


Here’s how our time at the park unfolded:

tinavegaphotography43family swings dad collagetinavegaphotography48static collagetinavegaphotography45swings collagetinavegaphotography71tinavegaphotography35tinavegaphotography50baby parts collagetinavegaphotography44

A little break for lunch:

tinavegaphotography58baby food collagetinavegaphotography65the look collagetinavegaphotography61tinavegaphotography59sandwich collage

And a little more time to play:

slide mom collagetinavegaphotography74mom bubbles collagetinavegaphotography66tinavegaphotography78tinavegaphotography79tinavegaphotography80wagon collage

Things that grabbed me during our time together:

– Lindsey’s husband wanting a photograph of the swing – just the swing (LOVE IT!)
– the family’s relaxed and inviting presence that made me feel instantly at home
– “The Look”
– the way the little guy watched his dad while he was helping with shoes
– hearing about their plans for the future
– watching them from afar and capturing so many precious snuggles
– the little guy’s reaction to leaving the park and how he was trying his best to “hide”

Everything about this session filled my heart. Thank you again for sharing your family and home, Lindsey!

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