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I met Garrett and Kelsey last year.  Kelsey (who lives in South Dakota) wanted to connect over coffee while she was in town for a visit and I knew immediately I was going to enjoy being part of their special day.  🙂  We made a date for their engagement session and despite the sticky heat and miles of walking, had a fun time together.  [I recently shared their save-the-date card from that session HERE; the talented designer of both cards is Caitlin Pisha, you can learn more about her work HERE.]

Their wedding took place in Buffalo, Minnesota at the Land of Promise, a lovely lakeside location.  It was filled with friends and family from afar – a gathering of the most important people in their lives.  It seemed that almost everyone had traveled hundreds of miles to take part in their special day… including the bride and groom themselves!


The day began at the mother-of-the-bride’s home.  The girls getting ready (you can see them through the front window in the image below).  Makeup and hair.  Yummy cinnamon rolls.  Caribou and singing.

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Lots of singing.  🙂

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I loved that the girls could barely look at Kelsey without crying.  And that they kept warning one another to NOT look at her.


The “first look” took place by a door the bride and groom had placed near the ceremony site.

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It was so incredibly gorgeous!  Loved the picket fence entrance and chalkboard signs that dotted the location as well.  Water, juice, and paper parasols were on hand for guests to keep them cool and comfortable.

tinavegaphotography39-2collage ceremony details

The ceremony full of emotion and love.


Beautiful words were shared.

collage more annietinavegaphotography2-5

Everyone seemed to have a role in preparing for the day.  It was clear that a lot of planning went into every single BEAUTIFUL detail.  Yet amazingly, it all came together so smoothly.  I swear that as an observer of all things that day, there seemed to be very little in the way of stress.

What I was witness to was a great deal of laughter.  And joy.

tinavegaphotography62collage friend love

And lots and lots of love.  Garrett and Kelsey clearly have many friends and family members who care deeply about their future together.


I loved the little mason jars filled with bubbles, the books that guests filled with comments and advice for the couple, Kelsey’s take on the bouquet toss, the BBQ inspired menu, the adorable aqua straws and ribbon-adorned mugs the guests were allowed to take home, the crossword puzzles wrapped around the napkins, the GORGEOUS centerpieces, and the lovely seating chart.

tinavegaphotography2-10tinavegaphotography33-2collage bubblestinavegaphotography31-2collage detailstinavegaphotography26-2collage tabletinavegaphotography5-2collage kelsey pietinavegaphotography13

And Kelsey’s photo booth along with handcrafted props!


Guests also enjoyed yard games after lunch.

collage yard games boytinavegaphotography66-2

And the bride…

collage nerftinavegaphotography69-2

Well, she somehow got her hands on a Nerf gun and all sorts of trouble ensued.  Here are several more of my favorites from the day:

collage side by sidetinavegaphotography37-2tinavegaphotography21-2swingcollage kiss bannertinavegaphotography53-2collage gptinavegaphotography34collage high fivetinavegaphotography6-2collage girl

Congratulations Garrett and Kelsey!!  I pray you will have many beautiful years together as husband and wife.

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