this moment is really all we have


While waiting to pick my son up from church last Wednesday, I was overwhelmed with thoughts and feelings I had to get down on paper.  I found a scrap between the seats and went to town:

We are given no promises for a carefree, easy life – in fact, the bible tells us to expect trouble.  (Psalm 27:5)  Bottom line, there is more to life that what we see before us… the earth and our lives here are but a mere shadow of what is to come.  Our hope is based in Him and all that He has promised.  How else do we offer hope to the poverty-stricken, grief-stricken, bedridden, or guilt-ridden?  He offers a hope beyond this world – one that is eternal.  The reality is that even in THE BEST of circumstances, we are all dying.  There are no guarantees for our length of time here on this earth.  But I believe if you have life today, you have purpose ordained from heaven above – to know His love, to comfort others with the comfort you have received, and to give all the glory to God.

This morning I learned that someone dear to me has received the most heartwrenching news.  Her future is uncertain and what was supposed to be a time of joy, is now riddled with sorrow.  Little did I know when I wrote those words down a week ago, how much they would mean to me today.

Make the most of right now.  Commit to living each day (each hour, each second) to the fullest!

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