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Shortly before the holidays, I received a call from an expectant momma  looking to schedule a simple newborn session without props.  After talking things over via email, an Everyday Session sounded like it would the perfect fit for this family. 


The session took place at their home less than a week after the birth of their daughter.

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Who, by the way, was an absolute beauty.

b family collage1

This sweet little bundle has a big brother as well:

b family collage6

He not only LOOOOOOVED my camera bag but is a big fan of Caillou as well.  And technology.  🙂

tinavegaphotography24b family collage2

The way he’s holding onto his finger in the image above just melts my heart!  Same with the little peek below:

b family collage15

The sunlight just spilled into their home which was so much fun for me:

tinavegaphotography31-2b family collage17

A few of my favorite family images:

b family collage11tinavegaphotography50b family collage10

And more of that magical sunlight:

b family collage16

Grandma was in town as well so I was able to capture her with her one and only granddaughter!

b family collage18

Such a precious time in their lives.  Capturing this young family in their home will not only help them remember how/where they lived, but these photographs will also help them recall the memories and feelings associated with the birth of their daughter.  They will also be reminded of how their son responded to the new addition, along with his personality and interests at the time. 

Snapshots of real life.  Nothing quite compares in my book.

Thank you again, Sarah, for allowing me the privilege of capturing your sweet, sweet family of four!

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