why we need to be pushy

july 2007

My uncle passed away a few days ago and I have been digging through albums looking for images. There was a retirement party in 2007 and his benefit a couple years prior. I hadn’t yet fully grasped the importance of documenting life and was a pretty timid photographer. I brought along my trusty point-and-shoot to each event and left with only a handful of images combined. (Click HERE to see a few.)

My grandma has since passed away as well.

If I had only known at the time how little time was actually left for both of them, I surely would have been BOLD in my attempts to capture each event. I would have been PUSHY, insisting they cooperate – if not for them, then for me.

Because now the opportunity is gone. They are gone.

And truth be told, we are all living on borrowed time. So I apologize in advance to all my family members and friends because I am determined to be even pushier from this point forward.

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