just moving along, doing your thing & then life happens

Our time here on Earth is certainly an adventure. Rich in experiences, full of surprises. It just wouldn’t be the same without both the ups AND downs.

Really, just how exciting would a roller coaster be if it were flat?

I truly believe we have an Author to this experience, that it’s not all playing out willy nilly. While I do not always understand why God has chosen for us to endure certain experiences, I trust what the bible says about who He is. And just as my children do not always understand the why’s behind my decisions, I am FOR THEM.

God is FOR YOU. He is FOR ME.

As in a game of chess, moves are planned out many steps in advance. And just as Jesus chose to endure the cross for the souls of many, when darkness stands in my doorway – I, too, will choose to endure. I will choose to trust the Author of my story.

If bumps are an inevitable part of our experience. why not embrace the ride? That is what my friend Renee has chosen to do. She received the news of cancer in December. A huge dip in her path – the last thing you would expect for her age. The last thing she would ever choose to endure. [Renee started a blog the first of the year and has been documenting her journey HERE.]

And she has invited me along on the ride. And I am so very honored. I will be photographing her story and likely sharing bits and pieces of it here along the way. I thought it best to “introduce” you to her now.


Renee is on the right. These images were taken at the 2003 Creative Memories National Convention. (Remember my “end of an era” post HERE? She is one of the WONDERFUL ladies I referred to then.) We go way back.


Waaaaaay back, as evidenced by the hairstyle I am sporting above. 🙂

Perhaps in taking part in Renee’s story, others will be blessed and encouraged. Perhaps others will find strength to endure. Perhaps there is more to her story than we will ever know. [Thinking of dark experiences in those terms has helped me come to terms with some of the why’s in my own life.]

Please keep Renee and her family in your prayers! (Be sure to hop on over to her blog to say “hi” – read up and be inspired!)

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