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Despite the dreariness outside, I have somehow managed to remain inspired inside.  Perhaps even BECAUSE of the dreariness!  Instead of focusing on the April snow showers, I have been intentional about filling my thoughts with things that fire me up.

Doing things that fire me up.

After a year in the making, I finally [FINALLY] have a clear vision for my photography business!  This was a process I began last spring with a new blog, logo, and packaging.  Then the introduction of the Everyday Session format.  And the Everyday Photographer Workshop.  I began by following my heart… which reminded me of why I started all of this in the first place:

To capture more than just a photograph.  To capture joy, hope, and love.  To capture life FULLY.  Real life.

Embracing life is my mantra; finding beauty even when conventional wisdom screams there is none.  Because when I changed the lens through which I viewed my own life so many years ago, it changed me.  Instead of viewing life as a soap opera full of tragedy and conflict, I began to look at my story from a new perspective.

The “ugliness” became a catalyst, a necessary part of who I am today.  Leading to beauty unimaginable through a relationship with Christ.  And I found purpose and meaning in the broken places because of it.

Much like the butterfly with its cocoon.

So I am on a quest.  A quest to appreciate life in its entirety.  A quest to help others view their lives through a diffferent lens and embrace their unique story.  To help others discover purpose and meaning in the hope that they, too, will be surprised by beauty.

[Keep your eyes peeled for a whole lotta changes taking place on my photography website over the course of the next month, including new session formats and pricing!]

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