my very first social media vacation

At the prompting of another blogger, I hopped OFF the social networking bandwagon over the weekend. No Pinterest, Etsy, Facebook, or blogging. Instead, I cleaned cabinets. And made scones. Bummed around with my husband. Crafted. Paid bills. Went to church. Worked in my journal. Got completely caught up on laundry. Had my sister Stacey over for dinner. Connected with Tilly. Watched several old episodes of Star Trek. All the while, staying 100% focused on where I was at instead of the ongoing Internet chatter.

social media vacation weekend

And it was nice. Really nice. So much so, I plan to do it again the first of each month.  🙂

I hadn’t realized how much of a DISTRACTION it all was until stepping away. How automatic it had become to steal moments here and there. That constant pull was gone. Time moved sloooooowly and I woke this morning feeling completely and totally RESTED!

First time in a long time.

Have you ever taken a social media vacation? For those of you with older kids/teens, have you ever imposed a social media vacation or device-free weekend? What worked? What would you do differently next time? I would love to hear what happened when you unplugged.

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