reverse blessings

I don’t know why this has me thinking about my grandma.  Perhaps it’s partly because she was diagnosed with cancer right around the same time Lynn received her diagnosis.  Perhaps it’s because my grandma didn’t know what to do with reverse blessings.

I went to high school with Lynn and years later got connected with her on FB.  She hired me to photograph her high school senior, which led to me photographing her nephew and several other young men one summer.  It was a huge blessing.  HUGE.  And then she was diagnosed with cancer in an over-the-top-can’t-believe-this-is-happening sort of way.  Then I knew the real reason our paths had crossed.  Every once in a while, God places a person squarely in my sights.

Actually, they are in HIS sights… He just nudges me to remind them that He is there.  He sees and He cares.  I do this because of all He has done for me, out of gratitude and joy.  So how does one receive a blessing in return? 

I remember a time when my sister and I sent my grandma a box of candy to thank her for something special she had done for us.  Her ways were always extravagant and we wanted to do something to show our gratitude.  Imagine our shock when we received a thank you gift for our thank you gift!!!  Grandma had sent a check and told us to go treat ourselves to a burger.

If you knew and loved my grandma, you know EXACTLY what I am talking about!  She had the most difficult time receiving blessings herself.  The reason I bring this all up is that yesterday, I received a reverse blessing.  Totally unexpected.  Totally made my day.

© Tina Vega Photography

Lynn’s note is going in my journal.  And her husband’s creation will have a special little spot on our deck.

© Tina Vega Photography

A little piece of their family now resides with ours.  🙂

What my grandma didn’t quite get was that when we allow others to bless us it blesses them, too!  [Click HERE for a beautiful blog post on the topic.]  Thank you SO MUCH for the sweet gift, Sollin Family!

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