lensbaby edge 80 // © Tina Vega Photography

Today is the first day of autumn.  The official start of a new season and the perfect time to implement change.

I have been struggling for a while with “double sharing” blog post links; usually when I update my blog, I share one link on my personal FB page and another on my business FB page because some clients follow one page and not the other.  I really don’t want to be inundating those who could care less about 5 Fun Things Friday and recipes and photography and miscellaneous ramblings with daily blog posts (a girl can dream, can’t she?) so I will no longer be linking everything up to my personal FB page.

This means that if you want to receive links on FB to my blog posts, you will need to like “Tina Vega Photography” on FB.  (You’ll find a tab with the link above or simply click HERE.)

Of course, you can always just stop by on your own.  Or sign up for Bloglovin’ (best service ever, BTW) by clicking HERE and you’ll receive an email with links to your favorite blogs.  (They share snippets of recent posts and will take you to the full post if you’re interested in seeing more.)  Makes it super easy to stay connected to your favorite bloggers!

Hopefully, this will make life less complicated (such a first world problem, as my kids would say) by simplifying your FB feed and mine.  Now for that pumpkin latte…

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