bands of america – st. louis super regional

I must admit, I had a TON of reservations when Emilio told us he wanted to join marching band. We even made him hold off until his sophmore year because of the time and level of commitment involved. But after speaking with a band mom and friend who admittedly “drank the kool-aid,” we gave our son the go-ahead.  And now with our first official season behind us, I must say I AM SO GLAD WE DID!!! 

First off, it  was hands-down the best team activity we have ever been associated with as far as its effects on family life.  It was a smooth running operation that did not dictate our lives as I had feared.  (Quite the opposite.)  And everyone, from the kids involved to parents and staff, knocked my sock off.  The level of respect, dedication, and participation was impressive – a wonderful, wonderful bunch.

st. louis super regional weekend #boa2013

Yes, I too drank the kool-aid.  And just like my friend did to me, I would highly encourange your student’s involvement in the Rosemount HS Marching Band. 

Congratulations to RHS students and staff for placing 7th (out of 64 bands) in St. Louis, taking the Class AAA Championship and Outstanding General Effect!  Way to go!!!

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