how i love moments like this one


Our Christmas Celebration Brunch took place this week in bible study.  Live music and holiday treats marked the occasion.  One of the pastors from our church stepped up to the microphone with an urgent, last-minute request.  She had received a call from a local shelter and several families had just arrived with only the clothes on their backs.  Could we provide them with new jackets, hats, mittens, and scarves ASAP?


A woman at my table leaned over to me with tears in her eyes and said, “I have jackets in my car!  Bags of them.”


Rachel had, in fact, been driving around with six brand-new kids’ jackets in her car for two weeks!  Her mom had purchased them thinking she could find a place for them. 

She purchased them to fill a need before there even was a need.

I couldn’t help but be reminded of this quote from our second week of bible study: 

God often comes to us in our “boring” days, veiled in the most ordinary of circumstances.  In fact, “ordinary” is often the disguise of the divine. – Priscilla Shirer, excerpt from Gideon

Just an ordinary woman who, during an ordinary day of shopping, followed through with a prompting.

Having your spiritual radar up in consistent anticipation of His presence – even in the midst of the joyful chaos and regular rhythms of your everyday living – is paramount to hearing God, because sometimes the place and manner you find Him is the least spectacular you’d expect. – Priscilla Shirer, excerpt from Gideon

And Rachel (with spiritual radar up) clearly recognized the need when it presented itself.  So very, very cool.

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