one little word {2014}

For the last several years I have participated in this Ali Edwards’ tradition, choosing ONE WORD to focus on for an entire year.  [You will find a couple of posts from previous years HERE and HERE.]


My word for 2013 was JOY which I wrote about HEREJoy was a surprisingly difficult word, challenging me in all sorts of ways.  I knew from the beginning that joy and happiness were not the same, that joy was not dependent upon circumstances.  It is everlasting, the root of true contentment, and comes solely from my relationship with Christ.  Joy is not dwarfed or quieted by difficulties in life.  It is to be grasped as a lifeline during trials – choosing joy over bitterness, anger, and sorrow.

It helped me spot areas of weakness.  Areas I need to shore up.  Which is precisely how I ended up with my word for 2014:


Nourish. To provide with food or other substances necessary for life and growth. To foster development of; promote; keep alive; maintain.  To feed, educate, cultivate.  To help grow or develop.  To shepherd, minister to, train.  Nurture.  To encourage, support, and cherish.

© Tina Vega Photography

I want to nourish myself physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  I want to be mindful of ways I can build into the lives of others.

How about you?  What will your focus be for new year?

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