a fireplace mantel mini makeover, part 1

I have the same decorating bug I had when we finished our basement three years ago.

before & after

But this time my sights are set on our main floor.  We are in the process of planning (and paying for) a family trip to Paris so most of my ideas area limited to paper right now.

office paper dolls

Which is exactly how our basement project began.  My office on paper (above) and in real life (below):

full officeoffice coffee

For now, a fireplace mantel mini makeover will have to do.

mantel mini makeover, part 1

I recently partnered with a new photography vendor and can’t wait to share their work!  Distressed wood, burlap, and handcrafted frames are just a few of the lovely features.  (The pieces range in size from 8×10-inches to 25×25-inches; cardboard “mock-ups” help me visualize the display.)  Several sketches and cardboard cutouts later, I settled on this:

© Tina Vega Photography

A design that can be reconfigured to create different looks, customized with images that reflect everyday life.  I promise to share it in detail when my order arrives!

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