Reading:  In Search of Balance:  Keys to a Stable Life by Richard A. Swenson.  This one a great read that focuses on living intentionally with well-defined priorities at the center of all you do.  Living simply without overload.  Making a counterculteral choice to SLOW DOWN.  Perfect for this transitional spot I am in.   The Love Revolution by Joyce Meyer is another spectacular book.  It will inspire you to DO, to rethink your priorities, and to live a life of purpose and meaning.  Both books are radically shaping my thoughts for the coming year.

Watching: Mad About You (on every weekday morning from 8-9:00 am) – an old, old favorite.  I also completed the entire first season of The Paradise in less than a week.   Law & Order most afternoons.  I’m itching for true Christmas programming to begin!

Sipping:  Lots and lots of Peppermint Tea.  No soda at all since surgery (in fact I’m thinking about saying goodbye to it completely from this point forward).  I’m also drinking at least 8 cups of water a day.  I’m consciously limiting my daily coffee intake to 2-3 cups as well.

Doing:  I went out to lunch with my mom, a mini shopping trip with friends (that also included lunch), had an impromptu Date Night, and lots of driving.  Three days of sitting more than I have in the last three weeks and I am feeling the effects.  My post-op is scheduled for Monday and I am so looking forward to knowing exactly where I am at in my recovery.  It’s been slow (normal for this type of surgery) and filled with lots curveballs (also normal for this type of surgery).

Thinking about: The 2014 Winter Weekend Scrapbooking Retreat (printing pictures, finishing the cookbook, shopping with Tony).  My thoughts have also been swirling with medication side effects (one causes extreme bloating and discomfort), concerns about every new symptom, and flashbacks to my first pregnancy loss and my clinic’s mega fumble that lead to a perforated uterus, scar tissue, & fruitless procedures and surgery to correct the damage.  Every time I call my [new] clinic and am transferred to the triage nurses, I’m reminded of the dozens of times I called my [old] clinic regarding unusual symptoms that (in hindsight) were never properly addressed.  The whole time they had been assuring me all was fine because there was no fever.  All was not fine, not at all.  (I carried my dead fetus for months before it was discovered by doctors.)  Similarly, as long as my current symptoms have no fever they assure me all is fine.  But I have a “niggle” I cannot shake.   Regardless, my post-op appointment is on Monday; I just need to hold out until then!

Listening to: Love, love this collaboration between Paramore’s Haley Williams and Joy Williams:

Nibbling on:  Too many candy canes, homemade black coffee ice cream splashed with Bailey’s Irish Cream, loads of yummy dinners made by my friend Marci’s freezer meal club, Stacey cookies, and peanut brittle.

Thanks to Sometimes Sweet for the “currently” inspiration!

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