july has been one big intentional summer fail… almost

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First off, my blog photo host (Flickr) made a huge unannounced change which added all sorts of unwanted banners to some of my posts.  I have been slowly replacing the code on those photos but the process is painstakingly slow.  If you are one of the ‘lucky’ clients who happen have Flickr headers on your images, I am SO VERY SORRY!!!

July 2015

I was derailed this month trying to juggle a billion session deadlines.  It has been a blur.  One giant blur.  I stopped pausing and reflecting each day.  And even though the month was rich with moments, I lost sight of what mattered most.

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So I’m back at it this week.  Journaling.  Pausing.  Making time for things I enjoy.  Taking a good look at what IS working.  And what isn’t.

© Tina Vega Photography

I now realize that much of my discontent has been a mindset.  Getting caught up in things I have no control over.  Looking too far ahead.

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Things I am grateful for this month:

Our oldest landed his first job!
Garden food.
The start of marching band season.
Stolen moments with Tony.
Quiet dinners.
Steady work.

For those of you pursing an intentional summer, how have things been going so far?  If you are feeling anything like me, perhaps it’s time to revisit your goals and come up with a fresh plan for August.

© Tina Vega Photography

While summer is still in full swing.  😀

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