reconnecting with childhood dreams

We need to reconnect with our childhood dreams because God wants to use them to bless us. More importantly, He wants to use those dreams to bless others! We can learn more about ourselves while recovering forgotten dreams/desires through the process of introspection, self-reflection, and journaling.  This includes looking at and working through painful losses/memories/disappointments and allowing God to use ALL OF IT (with your willing cooperation) to create a rich, satisfying life filled with meaning and purpose.

Take one particular childhood dream of mine. A faded memory that sat nearly forgotten until a night around the dinner table several months ago.

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As a young girl, I had a strong desire to start a club. I remember putting the idea on paper and attempting to collect dues from my little girl friends. I had a vision for a group that would gather on a regular basis to discuss important things and work on craft projects; I wanted something special to call our own.

But at 10 or 11, I didn’t have the power or resources to get my dream off the ground. So the flame burned down to a barely warm ember – tucked away and forgotten under a heap of busy-ness that included mile long to-do lists, Internet playing, kid raising, and other life happenings.

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You have them, too [those barely warm embers]. And if you pay close attention, once in a while you will still feel warmth from dreams tucked away a long time ago.

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I love that we have a God who nudges us. Who speaks to us through His written word.  He is the one who planted that dream in your heart so long ago. And the one who can reignite that flame. It begins by sorting through all of that swirly stuff filling your heart and your head.

While my buried dream only recently resurfaced, I realized there were a few things that helped bring it to light. Journaling. Noticing there were things that came naturally to me, things that I enjoyed doing.

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And doing more of them.

Noticing there were things I failed miserably at but found myself captivated by nonetheless.

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And doing more of those things as opportunity presented itself.

A messy process, as you can imagine.

It was during our conversation at the table that I realized I have been chasing this dream all along. But now finally see and understand what I am doing. Really, what God is doing in making this dream a reality. He’s given me a desire to connect women, whether it be through photography, scrapbooking, church, or everyday life – and meet regularly whether that be once a week, month, or year.

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And every once in a while I collect “dues” and we make crafts together.  😀

© Tina Vega Photography© Tina Vega Photography© Tina Vega Photography© Tina Vega Photography© Tina Vega Photography© Tina Vega Photography© Tina Vega Photography© Tina Vega Photography© Tina Vega Photography© Tina Vega Photography

This whole thing may sound extremely dorky, but it touches me deeply because a little girl dream has taken flight.

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And become something quite beautiful.

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