creating a vision board

A vision board is a tool used to help define and pursue a goal or series of goals. It depicts the future you wish to create.


Vision boards are typically comprised of words and images. The most effective vision boards focus on how you want to FEEL. Because strong feelings will compel us to ACT, making things happen.

paris 2015

Placing your completed vision board in a prominent place will help keep those goals and dreams alive.

To begin, spend an hour or two scouring the Internet and magazines for images and words that grab you. (Remember the emotional component I mentioned above?) You could include places you would like to visit, colors that fire you up, appealing textures, pieces of nature, things you would love to do, and far out dreams. Think about your relationships goals, health, and spirituality. What kind of life is it you want to live?

You can create a vision board several different ways:

1.  By using a large canvas as your base. Apply ModPodge to the backside of your chosen words and images to adhere them to the canvas. (You can paint the canvas first, if you choose.)


Allow several hours of drying time before coating the entire board with a thin layer of ModPodge.

2.  A shadow box works extremely well as a permanent display in the home or office.

linen pin board

It would allow for easy updates and changes to your vision board down the road.

3.  A vintage trouser hanger would make for a fun and unique vision board base:


I use the one above in my office.

4.  I have the one below hanging in my closet:


A wooden picture frame with chicken wire (clothespins are used to attach bits of inspiration).

5.  It could even be as simple as a page in a notebook:


The act of creating a vision board forces you to think and dream outside the box, it is the first step to making your goals and dreams a reality. What inspires you? What do you want more of in your life? Take time this week to craft your own vision for this year and beyond. [If you are interested living more intentionally, be sure to do your homework and check out my other posts in this series!]

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