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One of the fear-based messages that came to my mind when voicing the Intentional Gatherings dream was:

What makes YOU an “expert” on living with intention?

It seems an unlikely place for me to land, especially when you consider where my journey to wholeness began.  My life was a true chaos magnet.  People used to tell me it looked and sounded like a living soap opera.  And at the time, I thought that was perfectly okay.

I thought I was perfectly okay.

Until the façade began to crumble and evidence of damage/decay made its way to the surface.  And I did not like what I saw:

–  I lied.  A LOT.
–  The cause of most of life’s drama was ME.  I was making impulsive, poor decisions that impacted me relationally, financially, and physically.
–  I routinely put myself into dangerous situations.
–  I felt dirty, broken, and ashamed of the young woman in the mirror.

Then something miraculous happened.  While the lifestyle I lived reeked of destruction, instead of wagging a disapproving finger my mom simply told me she was praying.  And that’s all it took to give me hope that someday things might be different.

And today they are!

It has been a very long road and the journey isn’t over… it will never be.  I have come to know and accept that growth is a lifelong process of BECOMING.  I have also learned that we grow best in relationship with others, authentically and without reservation.  Acceptance is key.  I am not perfect and neither are you.

And THAT is perfectly okay.

My hope is that I am able to use my journey to help others navigate through uncertainty or darkness.  And that they in turn would do the same for the women in their lives.

© Tina Vega Photography

Instead of comparing and competing, we should be lifting each other up and cheering each other on as partners in the process of becoming.

intentional gatherings

One of the many goals for this recently voiced dream; if you’re interested in learning more, click HERE for details.

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