when fear gets in the way of our dreams

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I have noticed that voicing dreams can stir up doubt and fear, even creating a simple vision board can bring about discouraging thoughts/feelings:

That sounds really stupid.

People will think you are nuts.

Who do you think you are?

You’re not smart enough, talented enough, ______ enough to make that happen. 

We might even dumb down our dreams to make them “more realistic” and attainable, defeating the entire purpose of dreaming. We tell ourselves all sorts of lies about dreaming being a waste of time or only for certain people. When we do this, we effectively shut the door on possibilities.

We leave the dreaming to others we feel are more qualified to make things happen and settle in for a restless life.

This is not the kind of living God intended. After all, it is He who planted those stirrings within us in the first place. He wants to use our lives to impact others as a reflection of who He is. Something that goes far beyond my limited scope. So when fear gets in the way of a dream, what can we do to move past it?

1.  Seek God for direction. Spend time in His word. Pray.

2.  Give yourself permission to dream the impossible. Create a vision board.

3.  Speak it out. Throw your dream out there and see what happens.

4.  Take baby steps towards your dream. Read books, take a class, do your research and see where it leads. One step at a time.

5.  Follow other “dreamers & doers” for inspiration.

© Tina Vega Photography

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