living with intention – which are you, spectator or hero?

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I recently came across the following excerpt from The Masterpiece Within: Five Key Life Skills to Becoming a Living Work of Art by Guy Scholz and Claudia Church:

Upon hearing the word “spectator,” the first thought that usually comes to mind is someone who is an observer of an event, rather than someone who participates in an event.  Spectators will often live vicariously through others’ dreams and successes rather than risking the possibility of failure when trying to pursue their own dreams and goals.  In order to provide themselves with a pseudo sense of self-worth, they may become consumed with supporting a friend’s dream, a favorite team, or a cherished celebrity.  By doing so, they may feel they are making a contribution to their own lives.  The reality is, rather than being the hero of their own life story, they are becoming the cheerleader and hero worshipper of someone else’s.

We live in a day and age where watching from the sidelines has become a way of life.  [Americans for example, spend more time watching cooking shows than actually cooking.]  Being a spectator for entertainment purposes is fun but when personal dreams and goals are routinely given a back seat, we miss out on a truly meaningful life experience.  The alternative is taking an active role, choosing to be the hero of our very own story.

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Seeking to live bravely.

With dedication and humility.

Living as a visionary, setting goals and taking the initiative to fulfill them.

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Choose today to become a bold participant in your life story!

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Some questions to consider in this week’s journaling:

– If I were to die today and my life were summed up in a video for all to see, what would it look like?

– In what ways have I left my mark on this world?

– How much of my life has been spent on the sidelines?

– How might my gifts and talents be used for the good of others?

If you are interested living more intentionally, be sure to do your homework and visit my blog next Wednesday!  [If you’re looking to go even further, check out Intentional Gatherings.]

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