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Developing meaningful friendships is important to our overall happiness and well-being.  True friends make our lives richer.  They give advice and fresh perspectives when needed.  Good friends help us weather life’s storms by lending shoulders to lean on.

Superficial chatter, on the other hand, takes us only so far.

Forging deep connections requires time, emotional investment, authenticity, and risk.  It requires intention.

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Which is why I gather women around my table each month.

© Tina Vega Photography

And exactly why I am creating a series of Intentional Gatherings lessons, recipes, and discussion questions; my hope is that others will be inspired to gather women around their tables as well!  [My e-book entitled Intentional Gatherings: Living a Rich & Satisfying Life will be available later this year.]

Because we could all use more heartfelt friendships in our lives.

When journaling this week, reflect on the following:

1) Do you have friendships that are meaningful and deep?  Are you able to share your true self or are you guarded, only allowing certain parts to be seen?

2) In what ways do you encourage or inhibit authenticity in relationships? 

3) Take an inventory of the people you connect with in everyday life.  Who would you like to get to know a little more?  What about that person are you drawn to?

4) How much time do you currently invest in superficial connections?  How does that compare to the friendships and people that matter most to you?  Is there anything you would like to do differently in the coming weeks and months?

5) For more on creating authentic friendships, click HERE.

If you are interested in learning more about living with intention, take time to work through the weekly assignments and check out Intentional Gatherings for further inspiration.

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