life looks a little like this right now

march 2018 and more

While I can usually count on the winter months to be slooooooow, everyday life has been surprisingly “active” this year. Perhaps turning 50 does that… or at a minimum, makes it FEEL like that. The RAK stories keep coming in and each time I receiving one, it’s like opening a gift. [I started a new album project in honor of this half-century milestone and every RAK will be included.] THANK YOU to all who participated and continue to participate!!!

Earlier this month, I hosted my first scrapbooking crafting night in ages. A close family friend and a childhood friend passed away. There were two baby showers, a Prospects gig, and several excursions with my husband. We are three IF:Table dinners into the year so far and this ever-evolving group continues to bring me so much joy.

Planning for the 2018 Winter Weekend Crafting & Relaxing Retreat and Playful Girl 2019 is well underway. Unique gifts, delicious meals, fun decorations, and all sorts of SURPRISES are in store for both! There is a waiting list only for the 2018 Winter Weekend Retreat and Playful Girl 2019 will be opened first to Beautiful Girl 2018 attendees before I can confirm what spots (if any) remain. I should know more in the next month or so!

Spring is almost here (it’s snowing as I type). Photography sessions will kick into high gear within the next two months. If you want first pick at summer or fall session days, NOW IS THE TIME TO SCHEDULE! If you have any questions or are interested in securing a date, let me know.

Have a spectacular day!

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