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A couple of years ago I wrote about life being measured in physical and spiritual seasons. [Click HERE for details.] While technically living in FALL, I have always been a WINTER gal at heart. (Keep in mind I loathe our current weather situation, I am speaking in terms related to the earlier blog post referred to in the link above.) Living with intention is winter-focused in many ways as we reflect on the lives we have lived, set out to create meaningful moments, and pour into relationships around us.

© Tina Vega Photography

It’s about things we pass on – creating a legacy of love, insight, and wisdom to share with others. I try to live this in the here and now of every season. That being said, I have some things on my mind… some “Winter Season Wisdom” to share with all of you:

1) Loving others well requires healthy boundaries. Be wary of perpetual victims and of individuals you barely know asking for money or a place to stay.

2) Actions and words should ALWAYS line up. If you notice inconsistencies between what a person says and how they live, check into things further. A pattern of lying (no matter how small) screams RED FLAG.

3) If someone you have recently met appears to have few (if any) family ties, check into things further and proceed with caution.

4) Trust your gut.

© Tina Vega Photography

The good news? It is possible to love others well (even strangers) without putting yourself at risk. Healthy boundaries are key. You will find a wonderfully thorough post on biblical boundary-setting HERE.

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