authenticity vs. hypocrisy

My INFJ personality type is extremely people-focused. I absorb emotions and sometimes have a better understanding of where others are at than I do myself. In addition to being an INFJ, I love Jesus. My faith is what causes me to move, it is central to my being and the most important part of my life.

There has been a great deal of unrest this season, something all of us have experienced. Surprisingly the thing that has caused me the most discomfort and pain is the behavior of people within the body of Christ.

I was in my thirties before I ever had the desire to truly know Jesus. There are still many people in my life who could care less about knowing Him and that’s okay. I am honored to have these relationships and always pray that God will use me, that they will see the person of Jesus in my actions and words. It made an unmistakable impact on my own life having people like that pour into me.

The thing of it is, I am work in progress. Imperfect. At one point I’d even made a GIANT mess of my entire life. In fact the only reason I am here and thriving today is because of Jesus. Don’t let the hypocrisy of Christians turn you away from Jesus. Humans are broken, messed up things – even Christians. None of us has this thing down perfectly and none of us ever will.

Including me.

That being said, I think as a Christian it is hugely important to be authentic. Do my actions/words line up with the truth of God’s word? Am I in the bible regularly, digging deeply to learning more about who God is? Am I following the Great Commandment, putting God and people at the top of all that I do? Would a neighbor who does not yet know Jesus be wooed or repelled by my actions/words? What do I need to change about me? 

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